Boogie Woogie for Alto flute, Clarinet, Basson, Trombone and four dancers (first performance Lunds Art centre 1997)

Fixed positions for Saxophone, Viola, Cello and Percussion

Variationer över en sentimental visa for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano, 8.30 min (first performance Perls before swine Helsingborg Dunkers hus 2005)

Never weather beaten sail for saxophone quartet 5 min (first performance Arvika 1994)

Will ich gern in wollust weiden for saxophone quartet 12 min

Light-heel’d ghosts doing their mystic rounds for flute quartet 15 min (first performance 40f Stockholm 2014)

Slide for Electric Guitar quartet 15 min (first performance ensemble Krock Stockholm 2008 Sound of stockholm)