First performance of “A distant request” at Sognegården Hjørring Denmark 26/11

Jonas Ervolder Bové “Telegi”
Christofer Elgh “A distant request” (Uropførelse)
Mats Lindblad, guitar & Erik Sandberg, horn

Tekst og Lyd
Dina Flyvbjerg Ledet & Eirik Moland “Mangfoldighed” (2021, uropførelse)
Tekst: Dina Flyvbjerg
Lydlandskab: Eirik Moland

Solo cello
Martin Knakkergaard Tre Monologer for solocello (Uropførelse)
[1] … reformuleringer …

[2] … smalltalk …

[3] … aber dabei …
Deborah Josephson, cello

Oplæsning og billedkunst
Signe Gjessing Oplæsning
Pia Skogberg Kunstværker på storskærm
Kasper Anthoni Oplæsning

Duo Keller & Østergaard
Niels Chr. Rasmussen 3 sange efter Paul Eluard (2016)
Overs. Af Paul la Cour

1. Jeg har sagt dig det for skyerne

2. Månen i øjet
3. Mine timer
Marie Keller Sørensen, mezzo & Eva Østergaard, guitar

Foto & Lyd
Stine Viuf & Niels Chr. Rasmussen Verden i mit vindue (Uropførelse)
8 fotos af Stine Viuf sat i lyd af Niels Chr. Rasmussen

Mats Lindblad “Haltlåt i vintersol” (februar 2020, uropførelse)
Eirik Moland “Bak hytta” (2001)
Eirik Moland “Blåtime med Nordskær” (2021, uropførelse)
1 “Morgenen”

2 “Polska for to”

3 “Drøm”
Arthur Vetvik, violin
Mats Lindblad, guitar
Signe Wang Carlsen, bas

Eirik Moland, accordeon / synthesizer / percussion

Success for the opera Alice in Wonderland in Taberg’s mine!

“Christofer Elgh’s newly written music is both playful and powerful and it gives a lot of space”

“The performance highlights the bizarre and humorous sides of Alice in Wonderland, not least through the fantastic costumes and scenography”

“Likewise, the performance highlights the philosophical sides of Lewis Carolls Reality is turned upside down, upside down, magnified and diminished – nothing is ever as you think. We hear bells ticking and going without anyone really catching up “,

” All artistic expressions complement each other and contribute to a unity – a work of art – and an experience beyond the ordinary “.

Johan Fingal JP

First performance of the chamberopera “Alice in wonderland-the teaparty” in Taberg mine 18th of September

Between 18th and 19th September, visitors will be able to visit the Taberg mine, which these days is full of art, light, painting, sculptures and music. This year there will be a world premiere by Minopera of the musical-dramatic performance “Alice in Wonderland – the teaparty”

Music Christofer Elgh
Stage director Annika Veith
Julia Ojansivu Alice (soprano)
Wolfgang Veith Hatter/producer (tenor)
Ove Gotting March Hare (barytone)
Ann Roach The Dormouse (soprano)

Subterranea art colletive
Björn Skallström
Danilo Giannini
Arezoo Ghaeedvand
Marie Hertzberg
Sören Nordenström
Natasha Nichols
Sebastian Weissenbacher

Eva Edevik
Martin Ahlberg

Tickets and info

First performance of chamber opera ”Då du hör stenar gråta- en huvudskalleplats för sång” with Minopera at Taberg mine on September 12th

Music Christofer Elgh
Text Sven Smedberg

Performed by Minopera Sopranos Annika Veith, Ann Roach. Baritone Pär Fürst Nilsén

Art exibition and installations by


Danilo Giannini, Marie Hertzberg, Sören Nordenström, Susanne Westberg, Björn Skallström, Natasha Nichols, Arezoo Ghaeedvand

Producer Wolfgang Veith

Performance of new piece with Wave Dash in August and September

Wave Dash Camilla Hoitenga, flute, Magdalena Meiztner, percussion commissioned works from Anne Le Baron, Lisa Streich and Christofer Elgh.  All three composers are asked to use their creativity not only for sound but even for the visual aspect of the performance by involving movement, sound installations, self built instrument and more. The composers will include literature in different ways: Christofer Elgh rewrites the poem “Neeijjj” by the swedish writer Sonja Åkesson in his own musical language. Lisa Streich is referring to Peter Handkes idea about duration (“Dauer”). Anne LeBaron composes a contemporary version of japanese Noh-theater, an old samurai tradition that tells different stories about archetypes like the hero, the ghost or the divine play.

Katrineholm Musikens Hus, saturday 31th of August, 16.00.
Helsingborg Dunkers kulturhus, saturday 14th of September, 15.30.

Lisa Streich: Dauer
Christofer Elgh: Neeijj
Anne LeBaron: Kamma vipaka

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