“Exciting grand opening at Bokdagar in Dalsland”

Leif Holmstrand and Christofer Elgh Photo: IngemarMedia

“An extraordinary experience when composer Christofer Elgh born in Åmål, in collaboration with the poet and artist Leif Holmstrand, partly born from Dals Ed, created a special multi-piece for the occasion. The eyes were naturally drawn to Holmstrand who, wearing a dress, with a certain amount of violence, but without haste, bax a pram, covered in torn black plastic, from the far end of the room and inward. At the same time monotonously reciting from the book The place where the cars queue up dead.

From the other side came Elgh’s screeching, playing electric guitar, guided by evocative sounds from the computer. Hard to describe, but interesting. Something like this has never before been done within the framework of Bokdagar in Dalsland.”

Provinstidningen Dalsland 28 juli

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Bokdagar in Dalsland: Collaboration between Leif Holmstrand and Christofer Elgh

On July 27 at 10 a.m. it is the inauguration of Bokdagar in Dalsland

Leif Holmstrand,writer and artist raised in Dals Ed and Christofer Elgh, composer, raised in Åmål, perform their first joint literary, artistic and musical work of art together.

Bokdagar in Dalsland are five days of author meetings with new and old acquaintances at Not Quite in Fengersfors, Pilgrimsleden in Upperud, Bengtsfors bookstore, Tollebol’s mill, the Old Church in Åmål, Åmål’s city hotel and Åmålstravet.

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First performance of the chamberopera “Alice in wonderland-the teaparty” in Taberg mine 18th of September

Between 18th and 19th September, visitors will be able to visit the Taberg mine, which these days is full of art, light, painting, sculptures and music. This year there will be a world premiere by Minopera of the musical-dramatic performance “Alice in Wonderland – the teaparty”

Music Christofer Elgh
Stage director Annika Veith
Julia Ojansivu Alice (soprano)
Wolfgang Veith Hatter/producer (tenor)
Ove Gotting March Hare (barytone)
Ann Roach The Dormouse (soprano)

Subterranea art colletive
Björn Skallström
Danilo Giannini
Arezoo Ghaeedvand
Marie Hertzberg
Sören Nordenström
Natasha Nichols
Sebastian Weissenbacher

Eva Edevik
Martin Ahlberg

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Världspremiär i Tabergsgruvan

Foto: Digiapp

I den unika miljö som Tabergsgruvan erbjuder, med sin akustik och sina visuellt spektakulära effekter där ljuset spelar över väggarna kommer Jönköpings enda professionella operasällskapet Minopera att mellan 12-20 september uppföra en världspremiär av det klassiska verket

”Då du hör stenar gråta-en huvudskalleplats för sång” från Christofer Elgh och Sven Smedberg. Verket framförs under projektet Subterranea 2 i Tabergs gruva.

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