Provrum för månar from Kometkarta and the Zodiac at Kronhuset in Gothenburg 31/3 19.00

Lipparella has in recent years completed a number of projects with a focus on the relationship between text, music and space, where new pieces of music have been staged in an art form between concert and musical drama. In the project“Zodiaken och Provrum för månar”, Lipparella continues to develop these perspectives. Here the ensemble collaborates with the poet Lina Hagelbäck and composers Christofer Elgh and Erik Peters.

Lina Hagelbäck-poet, Mikael Bellini-countertenor, Anna Lindal-barockviolin, Kerstin Frödin-blockflöjt & barockoboe, Louise Agnani-viola da gamba & barockcello, Peter Söderberg-luta & Teorb.


The meeting between Ensemble Lipparella, poet Lina Hagelbäck and Christofer Elgh’s music originates in poems from Lina’s new poetry collection Kometkarta. Poems and music depict a world of planetary dimensions where comets, imploding forces, sinkholes, confinement, humour, and “a firework wrapped with strings” coexist. Lina’s poems and reading intertwine with the ensemble’s sounds, electronic music and voices in communion with the audience in the room’s various performative spaces.


In Erik Peter’s version of the Zodiac, the music appears as a sounding starry sky. Karlheinz Stockhausen’s melodies are superimposed on each other in constantly changing combinations and the listener’s attention wanders between the different constellations. The musicians who are freely placed in the room together form the constellation Lipparella. The constellation reappears in a new form with each performance, as if viewed from another place in the universe.

Provrum för månar from Kometkarta and the Zodiaken
at Kronhuset in Gothenburg 31/3 19.00