Review of the dramatic song “Sincerity” in Piteå

Photo: Ulrica Loeb

Sincerity in Piteå

“Christofer Elgh’s gripping and sometimes touching primal screaming reaction around Norma Jeane Baker, alias Marilyn Monroe. Against a background of fiery red light shaped into something that can bring to mind both roses and blood-flowing brain twists, based on Baker / Monroe’s disillusioned text about the difficulty of being sincere and true in a world of lies, her in many ways tragic fate. Musically, we move from a slow introduction with crisp bells, strings over percussion and buzzing blows straight into an air-conditioned nightmare of hot-pitched sounds and sudden silences, sharp as gunshots.”

– Anders Lundqvist, Norrbottenskuriren

 (poem by Norma Jeane Baker)
Alexandra Büchel soprano, B Tommy Andersson conductor, Norrbotten Neo

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